What is FrogPad2 One Handed Keyboard?

FrogPad2 is a revolution in the way you type. Imagine having the ability to type up to 100 Words Per Minute* with just a single hand. What could you do by freeing up your other hand? You can hold paperwork so you can read easier and type at the same time. You can keep your hand on the mouse for quicker speed or better in game reaction time. You can type with full efficiency when you have last the use of a hand. You can type the same speed with a phone as with a desktop.

Basically it will revolutionize everything you do with a keyboard, and we will show you how below.
Our one handed keyboard replaces all common keyboards. We optimized the key layout so that 80% or more of the characters you type are in just 15 keys.
Either Hand
FrogPad2 comes in both Lefty and Righty versions, although either version may be used in either hand. Most people use lefty so they can keep the mouse in their right.
100% Efficiency
With a bit of training using the PadDefender game you can easily type as efficiently with one hand as you do with two. See below for videos detailing this.
FrogPad2 supports most languages which use the standard Latin Character set including accented characters.
Works Anywhere Anytime
FrogPad2 features Bluetooth and USB connectivity to allow you to connect to nearly any device as a standard keyboard. With it's long lasting lithium battery you can be a road warrior for days without recharging.
Full Size Keys
Full size keys with standard keyboard spacing allow you to type without the difficulty of miniture keyboards and their small keys.
* Speed varies by user and is consistant with your average typing speed on a full size keyboard.

It’s A Full Keyboard!

First it really is a full keyboard. Anything and everything that is available on a 100+ key keyboard (QWERTY, ZWERTY, or DVORAK) is available in just 15 keys on the FrogPad2. Every button is there: function keys, print screen, number keys, arrow keys, and more. Yes they are all there in that tiny keyboard! Years of University study lead to the patented design which allows you to use this keyboard with absolute efficiency. With just the 15 keys of main letters you can type 80% of the English language without so much as a double key press. Whether you are doing data entry, playing a game, or chatting with your friends it's got all the power you will need.

It’s Easy To Learn

I know when I first saw the FrogPad keyboard I immediately thought it was going to be difficult to learn. That’s actually not the case, it’s super easy to learn. I was taught the basics in just a few minutes. But since you likely won’t have an Original FrogPad master to teach you, we designed the PadDefender game to teach you how to efficiently use the keyboard without feeling like you are learning. Follow Froggie and his pals on an epic journey with your tablet, computer, or even smart phone and help them save the pond. As you do so, you will be learning to frog on the FrogPad2 without even realizing you are doing it. We have shown that you can learn to type as much as 40 WPM on FrogPad2 in just 8-15 hours of use with our game. Some people have even reported getting up to 100 WPM using just one hand. (Search YouTube for FrogPad to see examples)

Available in February on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android you will follow Roake, Tidbit, and Niblet on an epic quest to save their pond. With a detailed store, fast paced action, and a bit of heart pounding button mashing, you will save the pond and learn to type on your FrogPad2. In fact you should be able to learn to type about 40 Words Per Minute in just 8 hours of playing the game! Now that’s time well spent.

While the PadDefender game is still in development, it will be released by the time we ship the production FrodPad2 devices in early Summer. In fact we are trying to launch it a bit early with an on-screen version of FrogPad2 available for iOS and Android tablets so that you can start getting the hang of things.

PadDefender Pre-Alpha Demo Video

DATE: DEC 20 2013
A short sample video of PadDefender in very early stage development.

It Works with Every Device

By integrating both Bluetooth and USB functionality into the FrogPad2 One Handed Keyboard you can use it on every device you own that accepts a standard keyboard including: Android Phones, Android Tables, iOS iPhones, iOS iPads, Mac, PC, Linux, Gaming Consoles, and more. We also made it easier for you to use the FrogPad for all of your devices at once! Pair via Bluetooth with up to 8 devices and a quick tap changes which device you are typing on. Send a text message on your phone, then tap to select your tablet and be cranking away on an email. No fuss, no hassle just tap and it changes devices. If your device doesn't support Bluetooth you can also use the standard USB 2.0 connection to connect up.

FrogPad's Got a History

Watch our recent videos. See all videos
FrogPad has been around for a while! First developed in the 90's FrogPad sold thousands and thousands of keyboards, many of which are still in use today. We are reviving FrogPad2 with a fresh design, updated guts, and a host of improvements to make it a truly awesome keyboard. Check out some of the experiences people had with the original FrogPad below.

FrogPad - One-handed keyboard - Overview and demonstration

DATE: AUG 29 2009
Short demonstration of the basic functions the one-handed keyboard 'FrogPad' offers you, as you see, all the functions a QWERTY keyboard has.

Review of FrogPad1 on The Screen Savers

DATE: MAY 07 2011
The origional FrogPad is reviewed on TechTV's show The Screensavers, by Leo Laporte and Patrick Norton.

Left and Right handed USB version

DATE: AUG 29th 2009
I just want to show you how it looks to type with either the left or the right hand on a left handed respectively right handed black USB FrogPad.

It's Highly Configurable

On the new FrogPad2 we are using an updatable firmware that allows us to download updates and patches to your keyboard with just a click of your mouse. With this also comes the ability to literally change what every key on the keyboard does at any given time. This was only helpful though if we allowed you a way to quickly change between standard layout and a custom configuration. So we loaded up the keyboard with some extra power and gave it the ability to have not only it’s standard layout, but a user specified “Profile” loaded on it. Now with just a certain key press you can swap between standard and custom layouts. Playing WoW on your custom profile and need to quickly pop off an email? Tap. Type. Tap Again, and you are back to playing.

This was pretty sweet in and of itself, but why stop there? So then we decided that we should give you the ability to have a lot of profiles. With the new configurator you can create and save profiles to your library, even share them with others. Then just select the profile you want to use and click “load” to send it onto the keyboard. Now you can have profiles for each game, activity, or special need. (If you are on a Windows PC you can even right click the tray icon and quickly switch between profiles).

Macros and Hot Keys

If changing your AOEH to WASD wasn’t cool enough, we also added in some hot keys above your regular keys that allow you to program up some popular actions that you might need to hit. Then we thought, well since we can program keys, and we have hot keys, why not give it some macro abilities. Macros are the ability to record one or more keystrokes to be executed back by the system with just a single keystroke. This allows you to easily accomplish complex or tedious tasks quickly and easily.

Got a repetitive task you need to accomplish a lot? Just program it into the configurator to one of the hot keys, or replace any other key combination and away you go. Moving some things around in an Excel file you can setup a macro as simple or complex as you like. For example you could have CTRL-C, (Tab), CTRL-V, (Enter), (ShiftTab) and every time you press the hotkey that macro will fire off moving data from one cell to the next.

Recent News

FrogPad launches the FrogPad2 one-handed keyboard

DATE: JAN 6 2014
The idea of redesigning the keyboard seems, in a lot of cases, on a par with trying to make water flow uphill. Most of us, by now, have ingrained QWERTY muscle memory, and the idea of retraining to a new system — Minuum, for example, or ASETNIOP — just seems like a waste of time and energy. If it ain't broke, as the axiom goes.

The FrogPad, on the other hand, seems to have genuine potential. Originally launched in 2003, aimed at a market of engineers, gamers and programmers who like to keep one hand on the keyboard and the other on a mouse...

FrogPad2 to take the reins from iFrog one-handed keyboard

DATE: DEC 30 2013
Anyone who uses the keypad of a smartphone is by definition a typist. A great many of those people, however, have never learned touch-typing. Therefore, they don't really need that low, wide QWERTY keyboard, do they? The folks at FrogPad realized that, when they first introduced their compact iFrog one-handed Bluetooth keyboard. Now they're about to release its successor, the FrogPad2...

It’s Stylish!

Ok so this probably isn’t the first thing you think about with a new keyboard, but I have four daughters and they are always changing cell phone covers to make their phone match their outfit. And I must say that when I’m out and about, I want my FrogPad2 to look pretty sweet so everyone will be jealous! The new FrogPad2 device comes with interchangeable covers that allow you to personalize to your style!

It’s Adaptive

The FrogPad keyboards are used heavily by people with the limited use of one hand. This keyboard gives them back the ability to function in a keyboard driven world with all the speed and efficiency we take for granted. It is a highly usable and accessible keyboard option for those with limited mobility of the upper extremities, with cases such as an acute injury such as a broken arm or hand; as well as conditions such as: hemiplegia, amputation of upper limbs, or muscle weakness


FrogPad2 is not only the best one handed keyboard in the world, we are pretty sure it's also the best gaming keyboard too. As gamers we've really tried to put a lot of features

Be it hardcore DOTA2 and ARMA III fans or our more mellow counterparts that play Candy Crush. This means that making FrogPad2 compatible with gaming was absolutely important for us. But we not only wanted to make it compatible, we wanted to make it a real rock star.

What good does a uber awesome keyboard like the one handed FrogPad2 do me if I have to switch back to my QWERTY when I want to play a game? So we set out to make sure that no matter what game I am playing, configurable control settings or not, I could use my FrogPad2 to rock.


With LED backlit keys you can easily use your new FrogPad2 in the dark! No more hunting and pecking in the glow of your screen, now you can actually see what you are doing!

Professionals and Students

At School

Easily travels in your pocket or bag, slap it on the desk or your knee and start taking notes like a champ, or just sending IM’s to the hottie 3 rows over. High School or College now your tablet can actually be used for something other than playing games. (WARNING: Education may ensue)

At Work

The FrogPad2 will revolutionize the way you work. Imagine being able to use one hand to flip through documents and printed pages while using the other to type with full keyboard efficiency. Don’t do data entry? Check out our Facebook page to hear from others who are using it for programming, CAD design, spreadsheets, and so much more. The flexibility of gaining your hand back to use the mouse. In fact of our original fifteen thousand users nearly half of them are using the left handed version so they can keep their mouse in the right hand!
We've even had an astronaut take the original FrogPad to space! Talk about taking your work on the road.

On The Go

Road warriors rejoice! You can use FrogPad2 anywhere, we even made it water resistant so that you can accidently spill a little Joe without worrying! FrogPad2 works just as well on a table or chair as it does on your knee or the couch cushion. With it’s Lithium battery you can even use it on those long road trips where you go days without a charger in sight. (Ok you would never go that long without power, but FrogPad2 can)
Well that’s enough of me rambling on about the super amazing FrogPad2 today. Why not start your New Year off right with a FrogPad2 all your own? Head over to http://www.frogpad.com for the New Year count down and to sign up to get a special launch discount available only to pre-registered Froggie Fans.

Features and Specifications

  • Type one handed with either right or left hands
  • 100% efficiency learn 40 WPM in a day!
  • Connect to multiple devices with USB & Bluetooth
  • Long lasting battery for days on the go
  • Programmable Keys and Hotkeys + Macros
  • Full Keyboard Including Special Keys
  • Backlit keys for easy use anywhere/any time
  • Compatible with all major computers, phones, tablets
  • Proven Successful for over 10 years
  • Replaces QWERTY, ZWERTY, and DVORAK keyboards
  • US English and EU English versions available


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BT FrogPad Lefty
BT FrogPad Righty
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